Welcome to the world of the perfectly automated home. A home that keeps you and your family entertained, comfortable and secure. A place where your every whim is executed at the touch of a button. Here’s an example of life in your smart home: Your day begins. Your favorite music plays in the background, the thermostat in the house adjusts to 23 degrees, and the shades rise letting in the sun, all automatically. From your iPhone, iPad or Android device, you turn on the entertainment system to check the weather while you enjoy breakfast. As you leave the house, you press the button marked “away”. The entertainment system goes to sleep, the house lighting adjusts and the security system wakes to keep a watchful eye while you are gone. The proper conditions are ready for you when you return home. One touch of the button on your phone activates landscape and interior lighting, and sets the proper temperature. Once inside, music follows you throughout your home. A quick glance at your smartphone shows that all environmental and security settings are exactly as you desire.


AV Design’s industry-leading ‘alarm’ systems offer a full range of detection and reporting capabilities, including burglar alarms, fire, carbon monoxide, medical emergencies, high/low temperatures, and enhanced safety with integrated door locks. Any incident notifications are shared via keypad alerts, phone calls, emails and text messages. Our intrusion systems link to lighting control to flash specific lights if an event is detected.


Prevent incidents – don’t wait until it’s too late. Whether you are at home or away, we go beyond simple cameras. We integrate smart cameras and program them to detect unwanted activity. When an intruder or other unauthorized movement occurs, the cameras ‘notify’ the alarm system which contacts you and the authorities. We utilize the best surveillance equipment available to maximize picture quality and reliability. Get added peace of mind knowing that your home has extra ‘eyes’ and the ‘intelligence’ to act on your behalf.


Speed and bandwidth matter. Streaming Netflix, kids on YouTube, Facetime video calls… we expect to see what we want, when we want. With your household carrying 10, 20 or more devices AND your security cameras, smart lights and automation system… carrying the ‘load’ requires an enterprise-grade network with enough ‘headroom’ so you are ready for today and the future. Larger home? Coverage is critical, indoors and outside. Leave it to our team of networks experts to get the right result.


We integrate climate, shade and lighting control into a unified, programmed and intelligent system capable of reducing your carbon footprint, while enhancing comfort, privacy and safety. Preset ‘scenes’ run during the day and night based on your usage, weather, season, and occupancy requirements. You can easily modify settings to adjust temperature, humidity, or radiant heat for a room or zone. Modify the fireplace, gas lamps, or adjust the motorized shades and dim lights together with one button.



Not only does our access entry systems provide the doorbell chime on the house phone or residents’ mobile devices, you can view and talk to the visitor and unlock the door remotely. We can include a facial reader, fingerprint or RFID and touch-displays to enhance access control and allow you to interface with other systems, achieving even higher site security.



One of the best-loved conveniences for your home is music on-demand that plays wherever you are. Music makes a house into a home. That’s what we do we bring the pleasure of music at the touch of a button on your mobile device for all rooms, in and out, with the latest gear from the world’s best vendors. Our advanced audio systems deliver sound that fits a range of environments. You can have concealed sound for any room, at high levels of quality. Speakers can be hidden in walls and ceilings, indoors or out. That means no clutter, no special furniture. The system is housed in a closet – each room merely needs a pair of visible or concealed speakers. Artist and album information can be displayed on a TV or your phone. The Beatles in the Bathroom? Oprah in the Kitchen? Yes!


Sit in your cinema recliner, touch a button, and let the show begin. Select a movie or concert from your library. Our theaters can be concealed and tailored to any interior decor. Entertaining friends or family? Your Private Theater can easily convert to a Gaming system that makes for the most engaging video game experience imaginable. Our private theaters take into account your listening and viewing environment, available light, and the shape, size and acoustic nature of the room. Our background in professional video systems ensures you of the highest performance. AV Design is also your source for theater interiors and build-outs. From theater seating and risers, to stages, drapes and lighting, we work with your designers to construct the themed theater of your dreams. No one knows video and sound like AV Design.


We remotely manage your smart home system and receive automatic updates so that if there are any problems we can sort them out before they interfere with your day.

We also offer automatic Wi-Fi updates so you never have to worry about your internet slowing you down with buffering or failing to work when you need it.

We will organise your smart home to be streamlined and free of clutter. Cables strewn across the floor and not knowing which of the five remotes to use will quickly become a thing of the past. From now on you can control everything with a simple touchscreen including an audio and video system that integrates seamlessly with all of your preferred streaming services.

Our smart homes will take efficiency to a whole new level. You may be able to control the settings of several different appliances from a number of apps on your smart phone. But now you’ll be able to do multiple things at once with the press of just one button. Imagine turning on the sound system, instantly tuning into your favourite streaming service and getting the lighting just perfect all at once.

Even devices that are usually used entirely separately can be integrated into a smart home. For example, if you smelled smoke in a smart home you could unlock the doors while turning off the air conditioner and doing whatever else it takes to ensure your safety all at once.

With decades of experience with smart home technology and home automation on the Gold Coast, AV Design promises to provide the best, the most efficient and the most reliable smart homes on the market. find out more about our AV Care Plans at